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The following are important points to consider in determining whether HairPrime® is a possible solution to your thinning hair or hair loss problems given that there are only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss:

  1. Regardless of the hair growth claims by Propecia® and Minoxidil®, no product grows hair. If it were so, then hair should grow on the palms of your hand and the bottoms of your feet when the product is applied. Hair grows on its own from a healthy existing follicle. Products may only improve or enhance the environment, health and condition of the follicle to allow the hair to grow. HairPrime®, like Propecia® and Minoxidil®, only creates a better environment for growing hair.

  2. HairPrime® is effective using natural botanical extracts whereas the other two are synthetic. But most important is the fact that women are warned not to use or handle Propecia® and the additional strength Rogaine® with 5% Minoxidil® is indicated for men only.

  3. Minoxidil®, originally intended to treat blood pressure, was found to have side effects which were positive on hair growth...HOWEVER, there is no evidence that it blocks the effects of DHT (the cause of androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as "male pattern baldness", which effects both men and women), thus the hair growth cycle is shortened. If the hair cycle is shortened, the hair will fall out after only 3-5 weeks growth, rather than the normal healthy growth cycle of 3-5 years. Thus, Minoxidil® may stimulate new hair growth, but it does not extend the hair growth cycle to allow the vellus hair to convert to a non-vellus/terminal, melanized, mature hair. [People who use Minoxidil® to stimulate hair growth may find that using HairPrime® will contribute to the longer term life of the hair by converting the new growth hair to terminal hair.]

  4. DHT has been identified by researchers to cause the premature completion of the growth phase of the hair growth cycle leading to the conversion of hair follicles from the terminal form (which produces mature, pigmented hairs) to the vellus form (which produces fine, short, "baby" hair). Thus, "thinning hair" results from the inability of the hair to live and grow to full maturity and "hair loss" logically results because the hair growth cycle is shortened causing the hair to fall out prematurely.

  5. Propecia®, employing Finasteride® (a drug originally developed in Proscar® to treat the prostate), is claimed in research to inhibit 5 alpha reductase Type II, thus blocking the conversion of testosterone into the androgen, DHT. HOWEVER, because 5 alpha reductase Type II is found mainly in the genitalia tissue and Propecia® invasively inhibits its activity, the side effects of PSA masking and possible loss of libido in men is logical. BUT MORE IMPORTANT, it poses a serious threat to women of reproductive age as research has indicated that a deficiency in DHT may cause the inability of a male fetus to form sex organs. Furthermore, women after menopause may be affected by the increase in testosterone levels because the conversion of DHT is blocked.

  6. HairPrime® is unique in that it is a SAFE, PROVEN, NATURAL TREATMENT that WOMEN AND MEN can use to convert vellus (fine, short, "baby") hair to non-vellus/terminal (mature, full-grown, pigmented) hair because of its "5-alpha reductase inhibition like activity" which is TOPICALLY APPLIED. HairPrime® continues to be developed and tested as a synergistic safe system for thinning hair in addressing

    (a) the adverse effects of DHT through the incorporation of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors and DHT blockers in topical solutions [HairPrime® Lotion and HairPrime® Scalp Primer];

    (b) the adverse effects of scalp inflammation due to immune system response and follicle support with herbal and nutritional supplements [HairPrime® Herbal & Vitamin Supplement];

    (c) the adverse effects of certain ingredients found in shampoos/ scalp cleansers which contribute to the damage of the follicle with a shampoo/cleanser that excludes occlusive conditioners, comedogenic or other damaging ingredients and high levels of surfactants [HairPrime® Herbal Shampoo].

  7. As a topical application, HairPrime® may seem cumbersome as it requires commitment, time and compliance to achieve satisfactory results; but after satisfactory results are achieved (as achieved by at least 80% of those that have used HairPrime®), maintenance is much less time-consuming and the effects are long-term, not transient. HairPrime® is less invasive and less systemic than Propecia®, although Propecia® may be easily ingested in seconds with effective results for men. Thus, if you dismiss the clinical effectiveness of HairPrime®, as published in a dermatologist peer review publication, The Journal of Dermatological Treatment, then women have only the choice of 2% Minoxidil® .

  8. As many products claim to have conducted a clinical study, HairPrime® is distinguishable in that its double blind clinical placebo study performed with human subjects is available for public scrutiny, was presented to an open forum of medical professionals at the American Academy of Dermatology in 1995 and again in 1999 and most noteworthy, was published in a prestigious medical peer review journal, The Journal of Dermatological Treatment (Sept 1996). Clinical studies should be available for public review and scrutiny, especially when the claims to such studies are used to market their product and results. HairPrime's clinical study has been and still is available to the general public.


To summarize, the key truth is not so much as to grow (new) hair, rather it is to allow hair (whether old or new) to continue to grow healthy to full the words of the published double blind study on HairPrime® - a " conversion frome vellus to terminal hair". Thus, we prefer to say "HairPrime® Promotes a Healthy Environment for Hair to Grow" rather than claiming that it grows hair.


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