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In developing VitaCyte Antioxidant Serum, our research revealed that Vitamin C, though an effective antioxidant, alone is not sufficient because it too may leave behind a free radical in the form of unstable Vitamin C, a semiascorbal radical. Free radicals are unpaired electrons that cause oxidative damage to the skin and the very antioxidants we rely on for repair and protection of the skin themselves may leave behind free radicals. Vitamin C works well with Vitamin E in providing antioxidant protection and also recycles Vitamin E's free radical. This serum goes on to include the balance of ingredients necessary to recycle other antioxidant free radicals to minimize damaging free radical activity. With the addition of a unique blend of herbal extracts, VitaCyte Antioxidant Serum is a more complete antioxidant treatment and is invaluable in protecting against oxidative free radical activity that results in damaged skin due to photoaging and oxidative stress.





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VITACYTE Antioxidant Serum

"Completing the Science of Vitamin C in
Antioxidant Skin Care"


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