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The following websites are considered by Universal Biologics to be good sources of information regarding hair loss. The more objective websites are those which do not advertise or promote the use of a particular product. Those websites which do market and promote products, may nevertheless be helpful in disclosing the products available to treat hair loss as well as describing the products. We have found that even the most popular websites, which promote products, have rendered advice that is suspect. For example, a popular website which promotes Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil® and Propecia® suggested to a female e-mail inquirer that she should consider using one of these products to treat her hair loss. This advice is clearly irresponsible as those products include warnings prohibiting their use by women. Thus, one must be careful in casually relying on such information. The research and information you extract from the websites should be confirmed with your doctor or other qualified professional. Rely only on product research and claims which are well documented and published in ethical professional medical journals recognized by the medical and scientific community.




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