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"I was amazed. It was more effective than Rogaine."

Dr. Greenberg, Clinical Professor of Dermatology (Detroit News).

"A couple of years ago...I found out I was starting to get bald quite fast. After a couple of months [of using HairPrime] I noticed that I wasn't almost losing hair at all. Some time after this, I would say probably 6 or 7 months after I had started with the treatment I noticed I was regaining hair in the areas in which I had lost hair. After about a year I had regained quite a lot of hair in my former balding areas. Right now after about two years of having started with the treatment I believe I'm not losing hair any more and that the hair I regained remains very healthy. Needless is to say I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks to HairPrime I reversed my tendency to balding and I recovered my self esteem."

HM, Miami, FL

"I felt as though I was condemned to being bald, and that would not change. My wife came home with this product and suggested that I try it. Over a period of several months, there began to appear new growth and she was very pleased which was really very satisfying to me. HairPrime really changed my life. It has made me a better person. I feel more confident in public. I began to see results at approximately three or four months. I would recommend HairPrime to anyone, especially someone who has a hair loss problem."

JV, San Rafael, CA

"What an amazing product! Although I have only been using your products for three weeks, many many new hairs are already appearing over my three big bald areas. Especially being female, hair loss is in the very least a traumatic experience."

DB, Internet E-mail

"Thank you for creating such an incredible product. It really does work! My hair was thinning on top in a hereditary balding pattern for five years before using your amazing HairPrime system. Now, after 7 months of using HairPrime, my hair is thicker and fuller. My receding hairline has been replaced with new hair. My stylist is very impressed with the results I'm getting and has never seen anything like it. Thanks again for making a product that really does what it says it does."

DK, Miami, FL

"After just three months on HairPrime all of the gray hairs had turned back to their naturally dark color and the hair loss slowed considerably. These changes were fantastic and gave me renewed confidence. After being on HairPrime for almost a year now, I can honestly say that my hair is healthier and I have more of it."

KL, Underwood, WA

"About three year ago I was complaining to the folks that cut my hair that my hair was falling out and I was losing it. They recommended HairPrime and I started using it right away. After about three months I noticed I had new hair growth. I feel great about HairPrime because it's working. The hair I got back from it was the same color and the same thickness as the hair that I'd lost."

DS, San Francisco, CA

" I have been using HairPrime for exactly one year today and cannot thank you enough. Thinning hair over the top, and more so in the crown was quite apparent. I went on a rampage for 6 weeks determined to find a way to keep what I had and re-grow what I had lost. In March I was flipping through a magazine and saw an article on your product. I started your program in April. By July I had new tiny hairs visible, in September my panic subsided, by Christmas I was quite pleased - and now I'm absolutely thrilled! My hair looks great!"

BS, Cinnaminson, NJ

"I have been a hairdresser all of my life. I have seen every hair product made for thinning hair. The only one that I have seen that really works is HairPrime. I have over 150 clients on HairPrime and every one of them is more than satisfied with their results."

CW, salon owner, Novato, CA

"It is eight weeks tomorrow since I started using your Primer at the beginning for 15 days and then once every three days in combination with the HairPrime Cream. At the beginning of this week I began to see and feel more hair on my head and believe me, there was so little of it before this week that you almost felt nothing when you touched it. First it is growing daily (the length) you cannot miss it, but it has also thickened to an encouraging degree."

ZD, Atlanta, GA


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