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Thin, cracked, brittle nails are not normal. They are not only caused by weather, dish washing or "bad genes". Weak, damaged nails are usually characteristic warning signs of an imbalance within the body.

According to both ancient sages and modern practitioners of Chinese Medicine, nails are under the influence of the liver. A historic Chinese Medical text states that: "The liver controls the tendons and it's flourishing condition manifests in the nails". From a holistic and Chinese Medical approach, if the "liver blood" is abundant the nails will be moist and healthy, if liver blood is deficient the nails will lack nourishment and become weak, cracked, brittle and dry.

What do we mean by "liver blood"? The liver is the organ that is responsible for regulating the supply of blood to the body. If the liver blood is deficient, due to less than optimum liver function, the body will ration its store of blood and nourishment, supplying the most essential body regions first. (Deficient liver blood is not anemia, as it's understood in Western Medicine, but a stage in-between healthy, oxygenated blood and anemic blood, that Western Medicine does not yet recognize.)

Because our nails are not vital to our physical functioning and well being, they are one of the first areas to be deprived of proper nourishment from the blood supply, if there is a physical deficiency. In order to strengthen the nails, we must address the underlying condition in the body, which produces the problem--namely, deficient liver blood. This is done by building and nourishing the blood. NailPrime® Herbal Nail Treatment (cream) and the NailPrime® Herbal & Multi-Vitamin Supplement were developed by an international research team of medical doctors, herbalists and chemists, for precisely this purpose.

The NailPrime® System works by addressing the nails both internally and externally, using a unique, proprietary herbal formulation to supplement the nutritional needs of the body. NailPrime® Nail Treatment cream is applied to the nails to give them the direct nourishment the body is unable to supply. Simultaneously, the NailPrime® Supplement addresses internal conditions, supplying the body with the nourishment it needs to strengthen liver function. The result is strong, healthy, beautiful nails and cuticles.

The NailPrime® System is made from the finest quality herbal extracts. Its completely safe (containing no formaldehyde) and very easy to use. NailPrime® Nail Treatment even penetrates nail polish while maintaining the polish color. It will improve nail strength, flexibility, and growth rate, improve the condition of your cuticle and give your nails a new glow---in a matter of a few weeks.

Thanks to today's alternative approach to taking care of ourselves, a whole new era of natural products have emerged. NailPrime® has created a unique Herbal Hand Treatment design to work for all skin types. NailPrime® Herbal Hand Treatment is a balanced formulation that contains Vitamins, Antioxidants and natural herbal extracts which conditions and soothes the skin, while providing long-lasting relief to dry skin.

Together, these products represent a unique System. When used conscientiously, NailPrime® will make a remarkable difference in the quality of your nails, hands and, very possibly, in your general feeling of well being. We are proud to present the NailPrime® System. Now, each of us can experience long nails and beautiful hands!




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by Isaac Eliaz, M.D., M.S. Chinese Herbal Medicine, L.Ac.



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