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NuCyte Cell Activator Gel through a formula of uniquely combined ingredients has been developed according to the research of Coenzyme Q10's contribution to improving the respiratory function of the skin leading to improved aerobic metabolism of the skin and resulting in smoother, tighter, elastic and healthier - looking skin. This cool when applied gel is aimed at stimulating and hydrating/moisturizing the skin in a short time giving an instant appearance of skin rejuvenation. Technologically advanced and patent pending, this product's intended design to quickly stimulate the skin is so obvious, it is ironic that the key ingredients, Coenzyme Q10 or scientifically known as Ubiquinone, exists ubiquitously in nature. By strategically combining Co Q10 with specially chosen herbal extracts and oils, this gel contains more of the key ingredients specifically aimed to stimulate the troubled skin of the neck, forehead, cheeks, mouth and chin. For longer lasting rejuvenation, use this gel in conjunction with Line D's O2Beta Molecular Oxygen Suspension Skin Treatment.



Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) as described above is strategically combined at significant levels and test results have shown that this ingredient delivered in the specially formulated gel has improved the appearance of skin (including wrinkles, smoothness, and texture) after only a few days use.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) in a specific form is consciously employed to help deliver the Coenzyme Q10 while working together in preventing damage to lipid membrane and plasma lipids.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) supports the energy metabolism sparked by Coenzyme Q10 by assisting the transport of fats into the mitochondria where they can be metabolized to produce energy in the cells.

Proprietary Herbal Extracts including Tremella, Polygoni Multiflori, Loranthi Ramulus, Lithospermum, Lonicerae Flos, Licorice, Fennel, Calendula and Horsetail enhance the cell activation and aid in skin rejuvenation.

Apricot & Coconut Oil are natural oils which are recognized for their softening action on the skin. While apricot oil contains constituents similar to oil of almonds, coconut oil has been favorably reviewed for its hypoallergenicity. Price:



US$95.00 for a 30 ml. / 28 g / 1 oz. Piston Pump Bottle [Order]



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NUCYTE Cell Activator Gel

"More of the Key Ingredients to
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