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Q. What does NailPrime® do for the nails and cuticle?
A. NailPrime® is a unique product that was developed to fortify the nail, make it stronger, healthier and allow the nail to grow faster. NailPrime® also conditions the cuticle to make it healthy and allow for normal nail growth.


Q. What is NailPrime® made from?
A. NailPrime® is a botanical product made from the finest herbal extracts. Our research team of medical doctors, herbalists and chemists worked for over two years to develop NailPrime®. It is a product unlike any other available for weak, cracked or brittle nails. NailPrime® is safe, very effective and easy to use.


Q. My nails are cracked and brittle. Will NailPrime® make them stronger?
A. Yes, NailPrime® was designed specifically to strengthen the nails.


Q. Will NailPrime® work over nail polish without changing the color?
A. One of the miracles of NailPrime® is that you can apply it over nail polish and it will penetrate right through the polish, without any damage. It is just as effective as applying it to the unpolished nail.


Q. My nails are fairly strong but they don't grow very fast. Will NailPrime® make them grow faster?
A. Yes, one of the first things people notice is faster nail growth.


Q. I have hangnails. What can NailPrime® do for this condition?
A. Because of it's nourishing nature, NailPrime® will fortify the nail to prevent the nail from splitting.


Q. Will NailPrime® work with fiberglass nails?
A. Nothing will penetrate fiberglass nails. We recommend going back to your natural nail and watching it grow with NailPrime®!


Q. Will NailPrime® improve the condition of my cuticle?
A. Yes, NailPrime® has herbs in it that are moisturizing and healing to damaged cuticles.


Q. How do I use NailPrime®?
A. Spread a thin layer of NailPrime® on the nail, twice daily. Gently massage the cream into the nail and the surrounding area. Keep your hands dry for 15 minutes, after application. After the desired results are achieved, you can reduce the number of applications to once daily.


Q. If I use NailPrime® as directed, when will I see results?
A. First results are usually noticeable within 2-6 weeks of initial use.


Q. What purpose does the NailPrime® Supplement serve?
A. The Supplement uses a unique herbal formula derived from ancient herbal knowledge, specifically designed to provide your nails the nourishment they need. The nails, like the hair and skin, can not be healthy and beautiful if there are internal imbalances in the body. The Supplement helps to correct these imbalances and provide the nourishment the body needs for the nails to grow long, strong and flexible. You may also notice an increase in your overall sense of well-being and vitality. The Supplement works best in conjunction with NailPrime® Herbal Nail Treatment.


Q. Does NailPrime® treat nail fungus?
A. Yes, some people have found NailPrime® to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms associated with nail fungus.


Q. How can I get more information about NailPrime®?
A. For further questions call the NailPrime® Hotline at 800-568-4247





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